Bike to Work like Chinese

May 13, 2010

Kamran Abdi
First, It was our product “Made in China”, now, our work commute to be like in China. Bike to Work Day, organized by WABA (Washington Area Bicyclist Association) and  Commuter Connections plan to encourage the Washingtonians to bike to work

Although I started this post with a negative tone, but I think this is an excellent initiative by WABA and Commuter Connections. Certainly, makes us more fit and healthy. The concept is simple. Unless you work from home  or take Fridays off , you will need to commute to work on the morning of Friday, May 21st.

In reality, Bike to Work Day is about much more than just riding your bike to work. It’s a celebration of all things bicycle – complete with thirty-five festive pit stops, commuter convoys hundreds of cyclists strong, and a raucous rally at Washington DC’s Freedom Plaza (map) to close out the event.

From 6:30 to 9 AM on May 21st, Trail Voice will be joining Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling (FABB) at the Reston pit stop. If your commute brings you to or through the Reston Town Center, stop by the FABB/Trail Voice booth and say hello.

On May 21st, if even one individual bikes to work who otherwise would have driven, Bike to Work Day 2010 would be a success. If Bike to Work Day can inspire that one individual to routinely bike to work, then that success is multiplied many times over.

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